A peek inside my head....

Before we officially launch the new site, I want to take a brief moment to introduce you to our new name, GiRL FACTORY and give you the inside scoop as to why the name change.

As you know, I have been working under A Broad Vision Productions for the past several years.  As our company has grown and expanded exponentially during that time, I felt that we were outgrowing the name and I was looking for something distinctive that could grow with us into the future.  Something that represented our Company vision, and, just as importantly, something that uniquely represented me as a Director.

Why GiRL FACTORY?  The name flashed across my brain like a bolt of lightning as I was contemplating the future of our Company.  I realized I was feeling a deep desire to create a new paradigm for women in media in order to expand peoples' perception of what we are capable of and the limitlessness of our creative abilities.  It spoke to me that Girl Factory took those misperceptions, stood them on their head and empowered me to move forward with an even greater sense of purpose-a deep yearning to "break the mold", to share my distinctive voice and to prove that what is most important is how we see ourselves and not how others see us.     

The perception of women in our industry is changing and will continue to do so now and into the future. With GiRL FACTORY I'm joining the revolution-and I'm gonna televise it!


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